Charmap MIDlet for Java ME


Charmap is a Java application for mobile phones that can be used to search and copy characters that cannot be entered by the phone's own input methods. It should work on all Java phones supporting at least MIDP 1.0. To use the graphical character map, it should have a numeric keypad and optionally cursor keys.

You might want to view the manual.


There are two editions, a standard edition that includes the full Unicode name tables, and a lite edition that does not. Use the lite edition if your device has a limit on JAR file size.

Standard edition: JAD file (Version 1.0, 1 KB), JAR file (Version 1.0, 535 KB)

Lite edition: JAD file (Version 1.0, 1 KB), JAR file (Version 1.0, 15 KB)

Sourceforge project page

is located here.


You can also get the latest "bleeding edge" source code from SVN.

Browse it or use the following commands to check it out anonymously:

svn co charmap

Contact me

You can contact me at my sourceforge e-mail address.

Have fun!

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